NetLotto API Service


NetLotto has developed a new API (Application Programming Interface) service to assist other distributors and website owners to integrate with the secure NetLotto lodgement facilit

This API is suitable for lottery resellers & affi liates with already established lottery websites, or channel partners who would like to convert existing customers or website traffi c into commissionable lotto sales.

The API allows seamless integration to the NetLotto range of lottery services, with function calls established to handle:

  • Registration
  • Login
  • Product Purchase
  • Branded receipts and offi cial ticket numbers
  • Instant Results
  • Winnings processing
  • Account Management
  • Error Handling

Netlotto API Service

The NetLotto API Service allows distribution partners to call all available functions from the API from within the partners own website or mobile application.

The security layer established between the partner and the NetLotto API is based on several layers of security including static IP address registration, user name and password and encrypted token code.

All transactions are recorded in the NetLotto database server against the unique lodgement ID issued during establishment of the partner agreement. Partners can review their transactions, funds management and sales via the NetLotto API Partner Management Screen.

The partner retains all communication and relationships with their customer base.